Feedback from the participants in Metalloobrabotka 2022

27 / 05 / 2022

Vladislav Kochkurov, General Director of Centre of Additive Technology under Rostec:

Today, the Metalloobrabotka exhibition is a very important event. Today there are huge challenges in import substitution. And additive manufacturing makes it possible to quickly and efficiently reproduce missing parts and assemblies, and to reach as quickly as possible the production of what our industry will now be lacking. All these opportunities are perfectly embodied at Metalloobrabotka, which brings together those solutions that are currently available in our market, both in terms of supplying equipment, software, related materials, and in terms of companies that have different capacities and can offer their solutions to the market.

Vadim Borovskoy, General Director of Monolit OOO:

Once again, the exhibition proves that it is a powerful tool in product promotion. There are as many customers as there were at the previous Metalloobrabotka exhibitions. It is an effective marketing tool. There is always a return on investment. We have not missed a single exhibition and will continue to participate in Metalloobrabotka.

Artyom Lukin, Founder and CEO of TECHNORED:

Today in Russia, there is a unique situation where we have to move from talking about import substitution to taking action on import substitution. What we see at Metalloobrabotka 2022 is a truly unique event. People come and don't ask how much it costs, but say, when will you be able to supply us with it? We have already signed five contracts on the first day of the exhibition.

Companies that are not afraid to bet on promotion, to bet on development, on exhibition activities, win in the long term, take a larger share of the market. Any change, any market fluctuation, is an opportunity. All opportunities are open to us today, and we need to take advantage of them. Exhibitions are needed in Russia, and now they are more relevant than ever.

Alina Boldyreva, Head of Marketing Department at Finval Group:

For us, Metalloobrabotka is the start of the season. It is a festive mood. We always prepare for the exhibition in advance. Six months in advance, we work on inviting customers. Everyone comes in a great mood, with new strength, showing a new vector of development. And what you see on our stand is a working, buoyant atmosphere. We transfer our energy to our customers, give them positivity, because we understand where to go next.

Mikhail Smolin, General Director of BODOR Russia:

Metalloobrabotka is a breadwinner exhibition. We find a large number of new customers here every year. It is a great platform to negotiate with customers whom we haven't seen for almost a year, if we haven't had time to meet them outside the exhibition. People come here from all over Russia. This is the place where we can have constructive communication and find new points of contact.

We traditionally exhibit laser machines at Metalloobrabotka 2022. We have grown a lot in the last year. And I think we will grow this year, too.

Sergey Popov, Director General of Stanko Group:

 Metalloobrabotka gives us the opportunity to show our machines to a wide range of customers. People come here from Khabarovsk, Bryansk, Arkhangelsk, Krasnodar, of course, from Moscow - from all over the country - to see new developments and the latest machine tool engineering achievements, to find solutions to their production problems, to purchase equipment, to arrange for follow-up maintenance. That's why we are here.

I would like to express my thanks to the organisers of the exhibition. They did a great job, provided us, the exhibitors, with the best conditions. Here we have all the service, which can only be provided, like at the best world venues. The organisers also ensured a huge influx of visitors from all over the country. This is very important for us. And we are very grateful for this.

Anna Andreychik, Head of Marketing Department at the United Machine Tool Company (OSK):

The Metalloobrabotka exhibition is the most important platform for the display of our Russian equipment. This year OSK is presenting at its stand automatic manual storage racks for sheet metal products, as well as band saw equipment and cutting tools. At Metalloobrabotka it is possible to meet representatives of all production sites from different regions, to get acquainted with each other, to establish partner relations.

It is important for our customer to understand that OSK is not dependent on imported equipment.

Nikita Kuznetsov, Project Director at Skolkovo:

Metalloobrabotka, where we exhibit every year, often abandoning other exhibitions in favour of Metalloobrabotka, is the largest exhibition not only in the CIS, but also in Europe. It fully fits the profiles of our industrial technology startups, and it always comes out with a big profit for our companies.

As a development institution, we represented 14 companies last year. The exhibition brought in contracts worth around 200 million. If you have your own startup and if you are thinking about how to market yourself, be sure to attend and participate in Metalloobrabotka, as it is a good start for any startup.