Metalloobrabotka 2019 Results

1,186 exhibitors
35,024 visitors

Exhibition area 42,385 sq m, 1 186 companies from 33 countries. Country pavilions: Belarus, China, Czechia, Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Switzerland, the UK, and Taiwan (China). 35,024 visits of professionals , 544 Russian companies.


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The Metalloobrabotka exhibition continues to grow in size and the number of exhibitors. Nearly every stand at the trade show demonstrates modern equipment and new products. I am glad that enterprises are set to develop technologies and create modern equipment on the basis of innovations. The trade show is an instrument which shows to potential buyers how modern metalworking technologies are developing.

Georgy Samodurov
President of the Stankoinstrument Russian Machine Tool Association

We see Metalloobrabotka as the best, key industry show, and our participation has been continuous since day one, even during the hardest years. We demonstrate new instruments which provoke a keen interest at the trade show. Our visitors come from many regions. The exhibition and its governance are improving year after year, which is proven by the number of participants and new faces.

Sergey Shvartsev
Director of Tomsk Instrument-Making Plant

We are a long-standing participant in the Metalloobrabotka exhibition. This year we demonstrate a new conical gear tooth profile grinder which has never been put on display in Russia before. This is a top-notch product. It is important to us to demonstrate our abilities. After a client sees this, he will draw a conclusion about our competences, and it will be easier to make a choice in our favor. Our stand is located in a busy place. We are holding lots of negotiations and are happy with the show.

Sergey Filippov
General Director of KSM St. Petersburg

We first visited the Metalloobrabotka exhibition as representatives of the Association in 2006. Back then we were just visitors. Yet we realized the importance and benefit of participation, used the opportunity provided by Expocenter, and built our information stand as the national association at the exhibition as early as in the following year.

Since last year, the Manufacturing Technologies Association invited its members, British manufacturers of machine tools, to participate in the show and organised a group stand with their consent and in collaboration with Expocentre and the Stankoinstrument Association..

Igor Bazhenov
Director of the Russian office of the Manufacturing Technologies Association (UK)

Sergey Matveyev,
General Director of KOSKO Group

This year's exhibition has many more participants than before. This means that a series of crises is over, the world is turning towards business, and business is recouping. Secondly, the new technologies which have been told about so much lately are now appearing at the exhibition. The activity of businesses participating in this show is obvious.

Sergey Matveyev
General Director of KOSKO Group

This is the first time our plant is participating in Metalloobrabotka. It has been a historical process. Earlier, we took part in the trade show as a member of joint ventures. The company ceased to exist due to the market situation. We have a new investor, a new history, and we are going through reconstruction and entering the market. This exhibition gives an ample opportunity to make our presence known, to support it with demonstration of our products, rebuild contacts, and establish new ones.

Dmitry Dmitriyenko
General Director of Heavy Machine Tool Plant Yuzhny

We are a regular participant in the Metalloobrabotka exhibition. This is one of the few opportunities to present our products and tell our clients about them. Today we demonstrate a computer-controlled routing machine and a computer-controlled grinding machine.

People here have a variety of needs, and we are trying to choose from our available products or customise machine tools for our clients. We are approached by chief engineers, plant directors, and product engineers at the trade show. We receive plenty of useful information, as they tell us what they do not like, and what should be changed to avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

Alexander Pylkin
General Director of VSZ Tekhnika

KLOOS, which we represent in Russia, marked its centenary this year, and its Russian office is 20. This is our sixth Metalloobrabotka show, and we can see the result. So, we are planning to participate in the exhibition again next year. We have had lots of talks at today's exhibition. We appreciate the efforts of organisers, who are doing their best to make the show successful for exhibitors.

Welding is our company's specialty, so we hail the appearance of the welding section at Metalloobrabotka, which enables us to demonstrate our achievements. We are using Metalloobrabotka to offer welding technologies and our expertise and knowledge necessary for our Russian clients.

Dmitry Kryukov
Sales Director of KLOOS Vostok

We have been participating in the exhibition for quite some time. We had no doubts about participation in the exhibition this year. EOS presents additive technology solutions. So, this is the first year we demonstrate our products in the pavilion presenting all additive technologies and solutions. We will be glad to continue our participation in the exhibition.

EOS is a global leader in the field of additive technologies, especially those used in metal working and production of metal and plastic pieces. Visitors come here to learn about new solutions, installations, and machines and their operation. All these issues are discussed at the exhibition.

Denis Podsoblyayev
Lead Specialist of EOS GmbH Electro Optical Systems

ABB has been operating on the robotics market for over 30 years. Metalloobrabotka accommodates needs of the robotics industry, so here we look for our clients to offer robotised metalworking solutions. This is a very popular exhibition. Lots of corporate directors and chief production engineers from Moscow and other regions, such as St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kazan and even Crimea, gather here. Many regions come here, as well. Industry experts arrive from practically every part of Russia.

Alexander Novosyolov
Head of ABB Robotics Department

Our company represents the interests of such a giant as Kawasaki Robotics. This year's Metalloobrabotka is our point of meeting with old friends and partners whom we have been working together for the past ten years, although we have seen lots of new faces, as well. This is a venue for negotiations and conferences without which it would have been impossible to bring together so many top managers. We think the exhibition has a potential.

Igor Ryzhenkov
Director of Robowisard

  • 90% regular exhibitors ,
  • 95% of exhibitors are satisfied with the quality and number of sales leads.