Welding and related technologies

Advanced welding technologies are vital for development of a lot of different industries such as machine building, automotive industry, shipbuilding, aerospace industry, construction of buildings, bridges and railroads, oil and gas, chemical industry. Welding equipment, materials and technologies are needed for development and progress of every industry where metal is used.

Russian and foreign companies, developers, manufacturers and suppliers of equipment and technology for various types of welding, cutting, build-up, process automation and robotics will take part in the exhibition.

Nowadays, companies offer their clients and customers not only machinery and equipment but also technological solutions and task-specific services, including software, materials and protection means.

Product sectors of Welding and Related Technologies

  • Joining, build-up and thermal cutting technology and equipment
  • Electron beam welding
  • Laser welding
  • Thermal spraying technology
  • Welding consumables and fittings
  • Welding automation
  • Galvanic equipment and technology
  • Test equipment
  • Technical diagnostics, NDT methods and devices
  • Workwear and protective equipment, environment protection
  • Welding equipment and technology certification