Robotics and industrial automation

Today, robots are widely used all over the world for welding automation, machine maintenance, tinting, machining, quality control and logistical processes. More than two millions robots are in use right now. The countries leading in this field are China, Japan, South Korea, the USA and Germany. Together, they account for over 70% of the annual sales of annual sales of robots. At the same time, sales of robots in Russia make up less than 1% of the worlds industrial robotics market. Russia is just starting to acquaint itself with robotics.

Metalloobrabotka will showcase robots made by the worlds leading manufacturers, various software products for robot control, technologies for design and modelling of robotic systems, and other related equipment.

Product sectors of Robotics and Industrial Automation

  • Industrial robots
  • Production robotic automated lines
  • Artificial vision for robotic systems
  • Components and equipment for robotic systems
  • Software for management of robotic systems
  • Design technology, methods of modelling and design of robots and robotic systems