Industry 4.0 brings together leaders of metalwork digital transformation and prospective startups

26 / 05 / 2021

Today Pavilion No. 4 of Expocentre Fairgrounds where the main part of the Industry 4.0 stands, the new product sector of the Metalloobrabotka 2021 International Exhibition, are located, hosted the conference of the same name. Industry 4.0 exhibition and conference gathered leaders of digital transformation in the metalworking industry and young prospective startups at the same platform.

During the conference organised by the National Union of Suppliers of Equipment and Tools for Metalworking and EXPOCENTRE AO, prominent experts discussed trends of metalworking industrial automation, the role of the artificial intelligence, showed modern technical and software solutions, shared the practical experience in implementation of innovations.

It was noted that Industry 4.0 (the fourth industrial revolution) provides for the new approach to manufacture based upon the massive implementation of IT to the industry, its digitalisation, the large-scale automation of business processes and distribution of artificial intelligence.

Experts also pointed out that the corporate culture is to be changed for successful digitalisation. At this, as Pavel Belikov, President of the National Union of Suppliers of Equipment and Tools for Metalworking, said, digitalisation is mostly needed where there are many machines because it is not relevant for a small workshop.

According to Arthur Melentovich, CEO of LLC Robotics Gears (Skolkovo resident) said in his speech, the global robotics market has experienced the rapid growth for last 10 years and it is estimated as $34 bln now. In 2019 the market slightly sank, however, experts still predict its further growth. At the same time, the Russian robotics market is very modest and only a proportion of the percent of the global one. One of the principal reasons is the high price of robots. That's why the task is to develop Russian-made components and to reduce their cost as much as possible. They mostly mean main components of robotics servo units, as the expert said.

 Roman Trofimov, the deputy director of Robowizard, the official distributor of  Kawasaki Robotics, the Japanese manufacturer of industrial robots, devoted his speech to industrial robots as the key factor of Industry 4.0. The CEO of Kemppi, Eugenia Dmitrieva, told about transformation of the welding industry within Industry 4.0. Automatic quality control systems used for geometry of complex surfaces, transfer to unmanned factories and digitalization of each detail's form was the topic of the speech by Dmitry Lavrinov, CEO of Geomera (the resident of Skolkovo).

The professional audience was greatly interested in other informative speeches with the great practical significance. The lively discussion was held upon the results of each speech.

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Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO