On May 26-31 Expocentre Fairgrounds played host to Metalloobrabotka’2008 (10th Anniversary Edition) - the International Exhibition for Equipment, Devices and Tools for the Metalworking Industry. Organized by Expocentre, in close cooperation with the Russian Association of Machine Tool Producers Stankoinstrument, the event was a great success. Under the auspices of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, it had the support of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade and Moscow Government.

The Metalloobrabotka International Exhibition proudly carries the official UFI and RUEF logos as labels of high quality. The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) and the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs (RUEF) acknowledge the significance of the event and its contribution to the metalworking industry development. Today the scale and importance of Metalloobrabotka rank it among the world’s leading machine-building exhibitions.

This year Metalloobrabotka has seen the highest key figures for the first time since its launch in 1984. 800 participating companies from 31 countries occupied the stand space of 31,000 sq m net representing an increase of 23% compared to 2006. Over the last 10 years the exhibition space has increased by a factor of 6.8 and the number of participants has grown fourfold.

Audit specialists from RussCom IT Systems, who welcomed Mr. Vincent Gerard, UFI Managing Director, to Moscow during the exhibition, confirmed the fast growth of Metalloobrabotka.

Metalloobrabotka is a particularly significant industrial exhibition as evidenced by a great interest shown by the world’s leaders in the machine tool industries. It enjoys support from such reputable international associations as AFM (Spain), MTA (Great Britain), SWISSMEM (Switzerland), SST (Czechia), TAMI (Taiwan), VDW (Germany), UCIMU (Italy), and CECIMO (the European Committee for Cooperation of the Machine Tool Industries).

In 2008 the number of foreign exhibitors increased significantly. Along with machinery and equipment by regular participants - the world’s recognized leaders in the machine tool industry from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, - Metalloobrabotka displayed products by rapidly growing companies from Turkey, Taiwan and South Korea. Byelorussia, Czechia, Italy, Germany, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey and Switzerland arranged collective stands.


The number of domestic companies participating in Metalloobrabotka is steadily growing. 380 Russian companies exhibited their products at the 2008 edition, among which were Dmitrov Machine Tools-DZFS, Ivanovo Heavy Machine Tool Plant, Red Proletarian Company, Moscow Plant named after S. Ordzhonikidze, TBS St.-Petersburg Machine Tool Plant, Ryazan Machine Tool Plant, SASTA Company, Savyolovskiy Machine Tool Plant, Sedin Machine Tool Plant, Sterlitamak Machine Tool Plant, Pumori SIZ Ural Machine Tool Company.

Nearly 200 enterprises, which constituted 50% of the Russian participants, represented Moscow. These included VNIIinstrument OAO (Research and Development Tooling Institute), KALIBR OAO, Krasniy Proletariy OAO (Red Proletarian Machine Tool Plant), Moskovskiy Instrumentalniy Zavod OAO (Moscow Tool Plant), Moscow Industrial Union for Diamond Tool Production OAO, Moscow State Technological University Stankin, to name a few.

Foreign companies make active use of the opportunities offered by the exhibition to demonstrate their potential and generate business in Russia. This year, for instance, the exhibition saw a series of bilateral meetings with cooperation in the metalworking industry on the agenda. The meetings were held between Russian and Dutch businessmen within the framework of the Dutch Trade and Economic Mission of suppliers of metalworking equipment and technologies. A large-scale presentation of machine tool enterprises was organized by the Korean Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association (KOMMA).

The organizers of Metalloobrabotka’2008 welcomed Hubert Savitzky, a representative of the U.S. Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT), who arrived to take part in the exhibition-related events. The organizers expect the U.S. machine tool builders, interested to enter the Russian market, to take advantage of the unique marketing opportunities of Metalloobrabotka’2009 to promote their products and participate in modernization of the Russian industry.

Metalloobrabotka’2008 became the focus of attention of the global machine tool community. New for this year, the exhibition hosted the Meeting of Representatives of Foreign Machine Tool Industry Associations, thus taking up the tradition of the flagship industry trade shows in Chicago, Hanover, Milan and Tokyo.

The exhibition was attended by Philip Geerts, Secretary General of the European Committee for Cooperation of the Machine Tool Industries. During his meeting with Georgiy Samodurov, President of the Russian Association of Machine Tool Producers Stankoinstrument, they discussed prospects of cooperation between Russian and European machine tool builders.

The Scientific Research, Vocational Education and Production Section - a special feature of the show –- paid particular attention to the development of scientific research and vocational education, and demonstrated the latest achievements of the Russian high schools and research institutions.

Russian Innovative Machine Tool Engineering, Integrated Technologies, Research and Production Workshop, organized by the Russian Association Stankoinstrument with assistance of Expocentre, became the main feature of the Metalloobrabotka’2008 Program of Events. The workshop addressed the topical issues of modernization of the Russian machine tool industry.

The workshop participants got the opportunity to see innovative products of the Russian largest machine tool builders and new developments of research and development institutes, to get insight into the latest trends in production of the metalworking equipment and tools.

Lectures by the industry leading specialists and researchers were attended by a large specialist audience. In his speech Georgiy Samodurov, President of the Russian Association of Machine Tool Producers Stankoinstrument, gave an overview of modern development trends in the metalworking technology.

The workshop featured new metalworking equipment, metal forming machines, tools and devices by Savyolovskiy Machine Tool Plant, TyazhMekhPress, SKB-TBS, St.Peterburg Fondrymen Union, Srednevolzhskiy Machine Tool Plant, SASTA JSC, Tekhnika Vladimir Machine Tool Plant, ChelyabinskNIIcontrol, VNIIinstrument (Research and Development Tooling Institute), VNIITEMP, MiR Corporation (Modernization and Repair Corporation, Non-profit Partnership), NIIizmereniya (Research and Development Institute of Measurement Instruments), ENIMS Company (Experimental Design and Research Institute for Machine Tools), Mashleasing.

The opportunity to view the latest technological advances and innovative equipment by the world leaders of the metalworking industry attracted a great number of specialists to the exhibition. Registered visitor attendance at Metalloobrabotka’2008 was over 55 000, with specialist attendance of 25 540, that is 1.5 times as much as the year before. Such a result is the highest award the exhibition can aspire for.

On the whole, Metalloobrabotka’2008 has become the largest industry event in Russia and Eastern Europe, guiding the development of the machine tool industry in this region.

Outstanding performance figures prove that the project has reached a new stage of development. Next year Metalloobrabotka will be introduced in a new format. It will merge with the Technoforum project that was successfully launched in 2007. So 2009 will see a new annual large-scale Metalloobrabotka-Technoforum exhibition for scientific developments and technological solutions for the metalworking industry, held at Expocentre Fairgrounds. The industry experts expect it to be attended by the world’s flagship machine tool companies.

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