21 / 06 / 2011

Post-release of the Metalloobrabotka’2011 International Exhibition

On May 23 through 27, 2011 Moscow Expocentre Fairgrounds hosted the 12th edition of the Metalloobrabotka International Exhibition for Equipment, Instruments and Tools for the Metalworking Industry.

This largest Russian event for the metalworking industry for organized by Expocentre ZAO and Stankoinstrument – the Russian Association of Machine Tool Producers. It was officially supported by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Russian Engineering Union. The auspices were provided by the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Moscow City Government.

The exhibition proudly carries the logos of UFI – the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, and RUEF – the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs.

Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Industry S.V. Sobko welcomed the participants and organizers of the exhibition and noted that Metalloobrabotka’2011 took a special place among events held by Expocentre. He said, “New innovative development of Russia demands the urgent development of metalworking as a basis for the development of the Russian production industry. It is reasonable to think that there is no implementation of innovations without metalworking. Competitiveness of products can be assured by high technical and technological level of production. Metalloobrabotka’2011 is devoted to this important topic. This largest Russian event for metalworking will no doubt contribute to modernization of the Russian economy”.

Vice president of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vladimir Strashko noted during his welcoming speech that the Chamber provided auspices to Metalloobrabotka recognizing, together with the whole business community, the fact that developing of engineering and metalworking was crucial for development of the Russian economy. Mr. Strashko said he was convinced that the Metalloobrabotka Exhibition would play a big role in development of the Russian economy and expansion of contacts among domestic and foreign partners. He drew attention to the event’s business related events devoted to key issues of the industry.  

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Stankoinstrument Association Nikolai Panichev welcomed the exhibitors and said that Metallobrabotka opened many opportunities for cooperation, creation of joint enterprises and cooperative production. Despite the crisis Russian companies retained their potential. Today they showcase not only ready products but also their know-how that will revive the Russian production industry.

The opening ceremony was also attended by President of the Stankoinstrument Association G. Samodurov, Executive Director of the Scientific and Industrial Valve Manufacturers Association I. Ter-Mateosyants, Deputy Director of the Rosagromash Russian Association of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers D. Maksimkin, President of the Russian Union of Metal Products Suppliers A. Romanov, Official Representative of the Saxony Federal Economy Ministry Manfred Liebl, and others.

The Metalloobrabotka Exhibition is on par with the largest European events devoted to the same topics. It keeps developing its potential.

This year the Metalloobrabotka Exhibition enjoyed participation of 779 largest companies from 29 countries. Taking into account the fact that nowadays only 32 countries have companies that manufacture metalworking equipment, the exhibition gave comprehensive information about trends and tendencies of the global engineering and metalworking industry.  

Expositions organized by national industry associations (VDW, Germany; AFM, Spain; CCPIT Machinery Sub-Council, China; SWISSMEM, Switzerland; SST, the Czech Republic; TAMI, Taiwan; and the Industry Ministry of the Byelorussian Republic) attracted a great interest.  

Expocentre-Italy held a joint exposition of Italian companies.

The National Exposition of France organized by UBIFRANCE showcased products of the French cluster ViaMeca.

Traditionally representatives of various national associations and professional unions held meetings during the event.

During those meetings they exchanged opinions on development trends of the industry, prospects of the Russian market after the crisis, innovative potential of the industry and international cooperation in both manufacture and research.

Leading foreign companies showcased their latest products. Among them were Amada, Balluff, Galika, Gertner, Grob-Werke, Ferrostaal, Mazak, Mueller Machines, Mori Seiki, Trumpf, Willemin Macodel, Macodel and many others. 

This year 429 Russian companies showcased their products. Those companies were Savelovsky Machinery Plant OAO, VNIIinstrument OAO, Tyazhmekhpress OAO, SASTA OAO, Tyazhpressmash OAO, Stankozavod TBS ZAO, Sterlitamaksky Machinery Plant OAO, Krasnodar Machine Tool Plant Sedin ZAO, Ryazan Machine Tool Plant, Ivanovo Heavy Machine Tool Plant OAO, and others.

The Metalloobrabotka Exhibition is the largest event in Russia and the CIS devoted to machine-tool building. It showcases advanced solutions for modernization of the Russian machinery industry. Up-to-date capabilities of Expocentre Fairgrounds allowed demonstrating the most complicated equipment in action. 

The area of 29 100 net sq m accommodated advanced metalworking technologies, the latest research, promising equipment, systems for computer aided manufacturing, instruments, tools, engineering facilities, etc.  

Key topics of this year’s edition were advanced technologies of materials processing and intellectual machine tool systems. The exhibition’s structure took into account interests of both Russian producers and market , and  their foreign partners.

Metalloobrabotka’2011 featured Special Expositions: Instruments; Science, Vocational Education and Production; Training Equipment. 

The issue of vocational education and training of highly professional personnel was the focus of attention. The Stankoinstrument Association prepared a special exposition called “Science, Vocational Education and Production” to demonstrate Russia-made training equipment. The exposition featured 14 Russian technical schools from various Russian regions and the Moscow Polytechnical College No.8.

35 700 professionals visited the exposition.

Taking into account the significance of this branch of the industry and a difficult situation Russian machine-tool builders found themselves in, it is difficult to overestimate the role of this event for support, development and creation of new business and technical opportunities for all of its participants.  

The exhibition’s success is showed not only by official statistics abut also by feedback from the exhibitors.  

According to Commercial Director of the Russian Office of Knuth Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH A. Baukin the exhibition wins in many ways if compared to other events, and this year it is even larger than it was before. His company is already planning their participation in 2012.  

The similar opinion was expressed by Director of INELSY Mr. Krasilnikyants, “Of all the events we have ever participated in, this exhibition has the best organization”.  

Head of the Marketing Department of the Savyolovsky Machine Building Plant (the Borodino Group) V.F. Shpileva underlined that “a great number of visitors allows increasing a number of business contacts”.

Sales Manager in the CIS and Eastern Europe of Magerle company (Switzerland) S. Bondarev praised organization of the event. Representative of Italian Camozzi Group D. Ruggi stressed that his company always takes part in this exhibition and puts a strategic significance on this event  giving it its preference. He said, “We believe that this year the exhibition has turned to be very interesting and more productive for us than a year before. We treat the Russian market as one of the most promising machine building markets.” 

Business related events of Metalloobrabotka’2011 were as important as the exhibition itself.  

The Russian Stankoinstrument Association organized the 3rd International Building Forum devoted to today’s trends in technologies and structures of metalworking machinery and devices. 

The Forum was opened by Stankoinstrument President G.V. Samodurov who reported on the current state of the Russian machine-tool building industry and measures taken by the Russian Government to boost its development.

Stankoinstrument Director of Industry and Government Relations N. P. Yudenkov told about the latest development trends for metalworking equipment on the global market.

Official Representative of the Saxony Federal Economy Ministry Dr. Manfred Liebl reported on application of the latest technologies to increase efficiency of production in the German largest industrial region, Saxony. 

The Forum enjoyed participation of leading machine building companies and research centers of Russia, such as Sasta OAO, VNIIinstrument OAO,  Savelovsky Machinery Plant OAO, MIZ OAO, Ivanovo Heavy Machine Tool Plant OAO, Ivanovo State Energy University, Tyazhmekhpress OAO, SP Donpressmash OOO, Sterlitamaksky Machinery Plant OAO, Stankin Moscow State Technological University, MAMI – Moscow State Technical University, Moscow Aviation Institute, Kursk State Technical University, Kurgan State University and others.

Forum participants had every opportunity to exchange experience and discuss various issues that not only Russian but also foreign engineering companies face.

The Conference on Main Trends in Professional Training in the Metalworking Industry was held with great success. It was organized by Didactic Systems ZAO with active participation of the Stankoinstrument Russian Association.  Participants reported on new technical means, programmes and methods to train highly qualified engineers.  

Rosnano OAO organized the Mapping the Application of Nanotechnology in Creating High-Tech Machine Tools Round Table.

The German Aerospace Centre with assistance from the International Bureau of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research held seminars of German institutes and universities devoted to vocational education and implementation of efficient technologies and modernization of the Russian machine building industry.  

Well-known exhibitors conducted seminars and presentations of their products.

This year saw the second edition of the Innovative Competition for Russian Producers organized by Expocentre and the Stankoinstrument Association.

The Competition was launched last year. However, a substantial increase in the number of its participants and exhibited products shows that it has already become popular and taken the rightful place among significant events of the industry. As part of the Science, Vocational Education and Production section there were organized presentations of innovative developments of leading technical schools, universities and research centers of this country.

This year the jury was headed by Nikolai Panichev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Stankoinstrument Association. The jury consisted of heads of the Stankoinstrument Association, officials, representatives of patent institutes, analytical centers and research organizations.

The Competition featured new machinery made by Russian companies, the Metalloobrabotka exhibitors, using their unique know-how. The jury praised all the entries as interesting and potentially demanded by the industry.

The jury awarded the first place to the developments of Tekhnika Vladimir Machine-Tool Plant OOO.    

The second place went to two companies: Delta-Test Research and Industrial Corporation (Fryazino) and SASTA OAO (Sasovo, Ryazan Oblast).

The third place was awarded to SP Donpressmash OAO (Azov, Rostov Oblast) and KvantorForm OOO (Moscow).  

Certificates for active participation in the Competition were handed to the Shipbuilding and Shiprepair Technology Center OAO (Saint-Petersburg), Laser Center OOO (Saint-Petersburg) and VNIIinstrument OAO (Moscow).  

Deputy Chairman of the Competition, Director General of the Moscow Center of Technologies Transfer ZAO and Head of Office of the Moscow Expert Council V.G. Obukhan presented diplomas and souvenirs of the 2nd Innovative Competition for Russian Producers.

Stankoinstrument President G.V. Samodurov, who also was the competition’s deputy chairman, congratulated the winners and noted that the Innovative Competition for Russian Producers no doubt contributed to innovative development of the home economy and making Russia a leading industrial power.

There is no doubt that Metalloobrabotka’2011 offered professionals a unique opportunity to learn about the latest achievements in metalworking and stimulated development of the Russian machinery and metalworking industries.

The next edition of the exhibition – Metalloobrabotka’2012 – is to be held in Moscow Expocentre Fairgrounds from May 28 to June 1, 2012.

To see more information please go to https://www.metobr-expo.ru

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