Workshop on digital solutions at Metalloobrabotka 2021

26 / 05 / 2021

Those, who only start learning new opportunities for the discrete industry, have found useful a Workshop on Fundamentals of Digital Manufacturing. The event was organised within the Metalloobrabotka 2021 conference programme by Zyfra Group, assisted by EXPOCENTRE AO.

The workshop was opened by Dispatcher Product Director of Zyfra Group Vitaly Tuev, speaking on a roadmap of digitalisation. He told about the tools of metalworking industry digitalisation and experience of some companies.

"The first big block of the roadmap is remote monitoring and digital workplaces. We need to understand how the workload of the equipment. The information should be as objective and reliable as possible and delivered in an automated form," said Vitaly Tuev. In his opinion, the next steps of the roadmap should be: control of production time efficiency, operational planning and dispatching control of production, control of production resources, maintenance, repair and analysis of equipment operation.

The introduction of Dispatcher as a tool for creating new products of digitalisation of the machine-building industry was the subject of the presentation of Alexey Zaburdaev, Head of Development of Zyfra Group. He described in detail the Dispatcher system, which automatically collects and analyses data on the operation of industrial equipment.

Sergey Khvostichenko, Technical Director of VAST Association, made a presentation on "Machine tool and tool monitoring and diagnosis system with DREAM expert predictive system". As he explained, DREAM is a system for control, monitoring and diagnostics of the condition of rotating equipment. The automatic diagnostic modules of this software package contain unique algorithms developed by the researchers of VAST Association. The system is used in processing data arrays to transition companies to condition-based maintenance of equipment.

Maxim Kandlin, Head of metalworking spindle repair at Spindel-Service, introduced participants to vibration monitoring as a tool for a service organisation. He said the implementation of vibration monitoring helps prevent accidents and complete machine downtime, as well as reducing repair costs.

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