The Speech of President Mao Yufeng for Metalloobrabotka 2021 in Russia

26 / 05 / 2021

Distinguished Guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Hello Everyone!

On the occasion of the opening of Metalloobrabotka 2021 in Russia, on behalf of China Machine Tool & Tool Buildersf Association (CMTBA), I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to the organizers of the exhibition, the Russian Machine Tool Association, the Moscow International Exhibition CenteriExpocentrejand all the exhibitors, and wish the exhibition a complete success!

Russia Machine Tool Association and CMTBA have maintained good cooperative relations and close communication and exchanges for many years. As the largest professional exhibition of machine tools in Russia, all previous Metallobrabotka have drawn the attention of Chinese peer industry and users, many Chinese machine tool enterprises have participated in the exhibition, including the exhibition pavilion organized by CMTBA, many Chinese enterprises have expanded the Russian market through this exhibition and extended to the Eastern European and even European markets. In 2020, among China's metalworking machine tool export destinations, Russia ranked the fourth place, accounting for 5.5%. But at present, influenced by global COVID-19, international exchanges are restricted, China's enterprises can not go to participate in the exhibition, we can not send personnel to visit and exchange either.

I take this opportunity to share with you the relevant information of the 17th China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT2021) held in April this year.

CIMT2021 was held at China International Exhibition Center (New Venue) in Beijing from April 12th to 17th. This exhibition is the first global machine tool grand exhibition held in the post pandemic period, with more than 1500 exhibitors from 27 countries and regions to participate, covering a total area of 135,000 square meters. Machine tool associations and trade promotion agencies of pavilions from 13 countries and regions including the United States, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Italy, South Korea, Spain, the United Kingdom, France, the Czech Republic, India, China Taiwan and China Hong Kong participated in the exhibition.

Influenced by COVID-19, there are restrictions on personnel exchanges at domestic and overseas, the number of visitors to the CIMT2021 has dropped slightly compared with the previous one, statistic shows that there are still more than 200,000 people. The direct feeling of exhibitors and visitors is that the effect and satisfaction of CIMT2021 are far beyond expectation.

It is worth mentioning that CIMT2021 first launched a supporting online digital exhibition ( Online exhibition is the supplement and extension of offline exhibition, and forms effective interaction with offline entity exhibition.

Finally, congratulations once again on the opening of Metallobrabotka 2021! I wish all exhibitors and visitors a satisfactory harvest!